Rendezvous Tours, Tagines and More

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Rendezvous Tours, Tagines and More

We introduced our Rendezvous Tour program last year and have been working to add more excursions and new options for these custom choice 8, 10 and 12 day base tours.  You’ll find out what our Rendezvous Tour program is and see the updated information in the Rendezvous Tours section of our Tour Catalog. These pages include the information about booking as well as updated pricing for each of our current listings.  Coming soon are options to make it easier to view these listings by price, length of tour/excursion and whether an excursion departs from Marrakech or Fes.

Tagine Giveaway!

We’ve always considered the cuisine of Morocco one of the best parts of visiting the country and given the growing popularity of Moroccan food in Europe, the US and elsewhere, it seems the rest of the world agrees.  While you don’t need to have an actual Moroccan tagine to cook Moroccan food at home, these terracotta cookware lend a thoroughly satisfying touch to the preparation and serving of your Moroccan meals.  To encourage the exploration of Moroccan cuisine with you, just subscribe to our monthly newsletter, Morocco Bound, to be entered into a drawing for an authentic Moroccan tagine.  Tramp Imperial Travel will be giving away this tagine by random drawing from our subscriber’s list during the month of July.  Future Morocco Bound drawings will include spice collections, art and photography prints and other Moroccan interest items.

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