Tagines at Market

Tagines at Market

The shallow terra cotta cooking dish with the conical cover known as the tagine is the ubiquitous symbol of Moroccan cookery.  It is so renowned, in fact, that any stew of meat and vegetables cooked inside of one is also known as a ‘tagine.’  Tagines are the slow-cookers of Morocco, using low heat and the magic of time to superbly fuse flavors together.  The ones pictured above are sold in a market in Fes, although they were transported from Oued Laou in the north, a town famous in Morocco for its high-quality cooking tagines.  While some tagines are made strictly of terra cotta and are made specifically for cooking, others are decorated and glazed to be used for serving or decorative use, only.

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Tagines at Market was first published August 2, 2011.
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