Pouring Tea

Pouring Tea

An instantly recognizable sign of Moroccan hospitality, glasses of tea are available everywhere: just because one is in the desert is no excuse for not having tea.  This caravan member near the southern village of Taflalt pours the national drink of Morocco from its traditional teapot into a drinking glass.  Tea is always served in glasses in Morocco, never in a mug.  Desert tea does differ from the customary mint tea in that it actually contains no mint!  It is also not as sweet as regular mint tea, because a camel can only carry so much, and therefore priorities must be made.  This is just as well, anyway, as less sugar means less thirst.  At informal gatherings, glasses of tea are shared, but any guests present will receive a glass of his or her own.


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Pouring Tea was first published September 27, 2011.
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