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Published on November 07 in Destination Spotlights
Surf, Sand, and Serenity

The former Portuguese stronghold of Essaouira is popular among visitors and natives alike.

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Published on October 07 in Destination Spotlights
A Bloody Past, a Tranquil Present

Meknes is an imperial city with a bloody past, surrounded by the natural beauty of fields, groves, and vineyards.

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Published on September 07 in Destination Spotlights
Finding Europe in North Africa

Ifrane is a popular mountain destination for its skiing and hiking opportunities.

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Published on August 07 in Destination Spotlights
Hassan II Mosque
A Symbol of National Pride

If you find yourself looking for a beautiful place to visit while in Morocco, head to the Hassan II Mosque, located along the Atlantic coast in Casablanca. ┬áThe mosque is named for King Hassan II of Morocco, who commissioned the…

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Published on July 07 in Destination Spotlights
Djmaa el Fna
A Vibrant City's Favorite Playground

For all its pageantry and spectacle, the most remembered delights of Djmaa el Fna are often the simplest.

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Published on June 07 in Destination Spotlights
Elegance in Modernity

Rabat is the lesser known, but in some ways more refined, younger sister of Casablanca.

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