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Published on October 30 in Original Articles
Going Nomad!
Camel Trekking in Morocco

As early as the third century, Morocco became the starting point for the caravans of desert tribes such as the Sanhaga, Zagoua, Toubou, and Tuareg.  These proud, sometimes warlike masters of the Sahara used their knowledge of the land and…

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Published on October 07 in Destination Spotlights
A Bloody Past, a Tranquil Present

Meknes is an imperial city with a bloody past, surrounded by the natural beauty of fields, groves, and vineyards.

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Published on August 07 in Original Articles
Ships of the Desert
Camels of Morocco

Camels, sometimes known as the “ships of the desert,” are what many think of when they think of Morocco.  The camels found in Morocco are known as Arabian, or Dromedary, camels.  The Dromedary camel makes up about ninety percent of…

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Published on July 12 in Snapshots!
Uta al Hammam

Uta al Hammam is one of the main squares in . . .

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Published on July 07 in Destination Spotlights
Djmaa el Fna
A Vibrant City's Favorite Playground

For all its pageantry and spectacle, the most remembered delights of Djmaa el Fna are often the simplest.

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Published on April 25 in Features, Original Articles
A Brief History of Morocco

Other countries and destinations are certainly crossroads, themselves, too, so what is it about Morocco that sets it apart? The answer, as with all answers, lies in its past.

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